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ASUKA ! Memorable tour in the foundation Area of Japan

ASUKA is the foundation area of Japan where the first permanent capital was established in AD694, about 20 kilometers south of Nara city.

It is here where the first Japanese emperors established their capitals and many of the country's oldest shrines, temples, tombs, stone monuments and archaeological excavations can be found. Today, there are also attracts with its tranquil, rural local areas.


1.Imaicho old town
It was selected as the Important preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings in 1993. It is about 600m east to west,about 310 m north to south. The town was so-called jinai-cho (sem-fortified compounds of a temple) since the 16th century.
Townhouses in the style of Hiraya with a roof of Hongawara-buki(formal tile roofing) or Sangawara-buki (clay sangawara tile roofing) or Tsushi-nikai (low-ceilinged second floor) townhouses are lined along the street.

2.Ishibutai tumulus
An ancient tomb that represents Asuka, boasting the largest horizontal stone chamber. The buried person is estimated to be the person,Soga-no-Umako, an influential leader in the beg.of the 7th century.
The length of the stone chamber is 19.1m, the burial chamber is ca.4.7m high, ca.3.5m wide, and ca.7.6m in depth.The total weight of the thirty granite stones comprising the tumulus is estimated to be apprxmtly 2,300tons. The ceiling stones consist of two gigantic stones, ca.77 tons on the south and ca.64 tons on the north.

3.Oka-dera temple
It is well known as the first sacred place in Japan endowed with miraculous efficacy for warding off evil. It is the seventh Fudasho (temples where amulets are collected) of the 33 temples visited during the Kansai Kannon Piligrimage.
In the main hall, the Seated Statue of Nyoirin Kannon Bodhisattva (created during the Nara period, the 8th century) is enshrined as the principal image of worship. The statue made of clay, it is counted as one of the three (Todaiji, Hasedera, Okadera) largest statues in Japan, and it is also designated as an Important Cultural Property.

4.Asuka-dera temple
It is the first authentic temple in Japan that was founded in AD596, when Soga-no-Umako (a states man of famous clan) asked for the construction of a temple as a result of the Buddha's ashes that was donated from Baekje in AD588.

5.Asuka Daibutsu
The oldest Buddha statue in Japan. It was ordered to be made by Empress in AD606. There are several feature of the Buddha statue in the Asuka period (the 6-7th Century).

6.Omiwa shrine
It has been believed to be Japan's oldest existing Shinto shrine along the Yamanobe-no-michi walking trail in Sakurai, Nara Prefecture.

7.Asuka Nabe
One of traditional and typical dish in Asuka area. A pot dish with a special broth and milk or soy milk. It was popular dish among the noble clan about 1,300 years ago with chicken, mushrooms, and Asuka vegetables in a special broth and mil or soy milk.

8.HoshukuSake brewery
A short walk from Omiwa shrine, there are several traditional local sake brewery. Tasting and purchasing are possible. Sake-brewing is said to be started from this place of Miwa according to the description in chronicles Japan.


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