Chicken Ramen Private Cooking | Intermediate | by Sakura Cook : ONLINE INTERACTIVE COOKING

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Sakura Cook ONLINE Chicken Ramen Private Cooking

Online interactive cooking class via the ZOOM cloud meetings.


This activity will be scheduled upon your request. You will receive the confirmation of your booking availability within 24 hours from Sakura Cook. We will full refund if we cannot accept your reservation.
このクラスは当ページでの予約・お支払い後、24時間以内にSakura Cookからお返事のメールを差し上げます。もしリクエストいただいた日程の予約が取れない場合は全額返金いたします。Webでのお支払いはPayPalのみですが、日本にお住まいの方には銀行振込も対応させていただきます。銀行振込をご希望の場合は、まずメールでリクエスト日時をご連絡ください。

Overview 概要

Get ramen recipes that you can easily make at home. You will learn how to make noodles, soup and toppings from scratch. If you want to learn vegan ramen, please contact us in advance.

Check out the video on YouTube!

Preparation 事前準備

Ingredients and Utensils 食材と道具

Before the class starts, you need to prepare the ingredients and kitchen utensils. Below are the main ingredients and utensils. For details, see the "Preparation list" of the photo on this page.

Main ingredients: flour, chicken wing, green onion, sweet corn, sugar, soy sauce, salt, ginger, garlic
Main utensils: rolling pin, cutting board, kitchen knife, pan, frying pan, stove, bowl, strainer, measuring cup, tablespoon, teaspoon

Device 通信機器

You will actually cook with your instructor. As a device, you need a computer with a camera, smartphone or tablet. We will cook while checking each other's video and audio through the device. Use your hands for cooking, so place your device where it's easy to see.
Before the class starts we will give you the URL of the ZOOM meeting. Please connect to the URL from your device.


Cooking level: intermediate 料理レベル:中級
Duration : 2 hours 所要時間:2時間
Cooking steps 調理のステップ
 1. Boil Chicken broth 鶏出汁を煮る
 2. Make noodle dough 麺の生地を作る
 3. Cook toppings トッピングを料理する
 4. Stretch the dough and cut into noodles 生地を伸ばして麺にカットする
 5. Add the boiled noodles and toppings to the soup スープに茹でた麺とトッピングを加える


Business hours / 01:00-13:00 at GMT (10:00-22:00 at JST) 
開講時間/GMT(グリニッジ標準時間)01:00-13:00 日本時間10:00-22:00

*Please CONFIRM THE TIME on your own before you add to cart!!

*Reservations must be made at least 48 hours before the start time.

TEL  +81-(0)6-6626-9088

Capacity and price (Tax included) 定員と税込価格

Regular price : 26,000JPY / 1 group (up to 8 people)
Campaign price : 20,800JPY / 1 group (up to 8 people)

Cancellation Policy

Full amount will be refunded if contacted up to 3 days (72 hours) prior to the event. Otherwise no refund will be granted.



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TEL  +81-(0)6-6626-9088

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