JAPANESE KNIVES Shopping in Kappabashi at Home!! : ONLINE TOUR

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MIYAKO-ONLINE Japanese Knives Shopping

Online interactive tour via the ZOOM cloud meetings

This activity will be scheduled upon your request.
You will receive the confirmation of your booking availability within 24 hours from Miyako Oga. We will full refund if we cannot accept your reservation.


Please enjoy shopping at home via video chat! I will visit a special Japanese Knife shop, Tokuzo Knives at Kappabashi, a famous street for kitchen tools, while I am talking on a video chat with you. I will interpret and help your shopping on the chat. You can buy them at home and they will ship them for you. Everything are done at home!!

Check out the video on YouTube about 'Shopping Tour'

Check out the video on YouTube about 'Demonstrations of Knives of Tokuzo Knives'


1.Connecting on the Zoom app with you, I will visit a Japanse knife shop, Tokuzo Knives at Kappabashi or Asakusa.
2. At the shop, you can ask any questions on the knives and also ask for some demonstrations with the knives to see the sharpness to the staffs of Tokuzo knives on the process of your decision for which knives to buy. I will interpret both of your conversations.
3.The tour is for 1 hour, so you can carefully look for the knives. If you still have time after shopping, I will show you around the Kappabashi street!
4.After you decide the best knives for you, you can choose the way of payment, paypal or creditcard and Tokuzo Knives will ship them to you!!
*Due to COVID19, shipment may take about 2-3 months for some countries. Basically Tokuzo Knives send their products by EMS and it usually takes 2-7days, but now due to COVID19, some countries only accept parcels by sea.

About Tokuzo Knives

The edged tools sold at "Tokuzo knives" are all made in Japan.
Especially among many production areas for edged tools in Japan, "Tokuzo Knives" is focusing on the lineup from Tosa in Kochi Prefecture called Tosa Uchi-Hamono.
Tosa Uchi-hamono is a traditional craft with 400 years of history inherits a swordsmith technique.
Different from the edged tools from other areas, each of the Tosa Uchi-hamono studios consistently make all the process at the studios, from forging to finishing.
In addition, Tosa Uchi-hamono is adapting "Free Forging" technique, which has a high degree of flexibility for the shape of products.
Their system finishing everything at one place also gives a merit for the price.
It allows Tokuzo Knives to offer a variety of kitchen knives from daily use about 5,000 JPY to very professional authentic use.
The lineup is also a wide variety of edges/knives from Damascus steel which has dozens of layers of beautiful metal folds to attractive sharp cutting and rust-resistant alloy-type.
Tokuzo is always welcome all the customers someone look for kitchen knives that are easy to use and maintain at home or someone has special request emphasize sharpness for professional use and so on.
Tokuzo has two stores near Asakusa. One is at Kappabashi mainly for general use kitchen knives and the other is between Kappabashi and Asakusa for professional use.
There are truely wide variety of Japanese kitchen knives depending on the purpose. The staffs of Tokuzo are always very kind to help you and to consult for your purpose to find the very special knives for you.
We are all happy to help your special shopping and entertainment!

Tokuzo Knives  will give you an original cotton bag with the purchase of over 30,000 JPY (about 300USD, depends on the rate at the time)!

Included: Guide fee only
Not Included: The purchase fee of knives, shipping cost, any tax on them, the data cost for using Zoom app.


The tour duration is one hour and if you need somemore time, you can add 30min/3000JPY by ordering Additional tour.

Business hours / 1:00 - 8:30 at GMT (10:00 - 17:30 at JST) 

*Please CONFIRM THE TIME on your own before you add to cart!!


*If you have any request for the starting time of the tour, please contact cu3853@gmail.com before you add to cart.

*Reservations must be made at least 48 hours before the start time.


Any number
* Only one device(Your phone or PC) can be connected but any number of people can join in front of your device with you.

Price (Tax included)

JPY5,000 (For 1 hour. Special campaign price!)

Cancellation Policy

100% refund 24 hours before the start time
50% refund 12 hours before the start time
Otherwise no refund will be granted.

Miyako Oga

National Licensed Tour Guide



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