Osaka Sakura Cook 3day Master Class (3days)

Osaka Sakura Cook 3day Master Class (3days)

This activity will be scheduled upon your request.
You will receive the confirmation of your booking availability within 24 hours from Sakura Cook. We will full refund if we cannot accept your reservation.


Master advanced techniques in Japanese cuisine

This master class is for professional cooks and advanced level participants. You will be able to learn a lot of Japanese cuisine in 3 days with this program. You can also choose to take the course on a daily basis.


May 22 Fri.  11:00-14:00 and 19:00-21:00 (5 hours)

- Three types of Dashi (Japanese broth)
- Tsukemono (Vegetables pickled in salted rice-bran paste)
- Takikomi Gohan (Seasoned rice)
- Gyu-suji Nikomi (Stewed beef tendon)
- Tonjiru (Miso soup with pork and vegetables)
* 5 hours blank, go to restaurant Tachibana

- Kaiseki experience at Tachibana (traditional Japanese multiple course meal)
* This program is not cooking. Enjoy a meal while learning about Kaiseki from the chef.

May 23 Sat.  10:30-16:00 (5 hours)

- Professional ramen
* Provided by the ramen restaurant chef

- Some Donburi (bowl) menus
* Katsudon (Fried pork cutlet bowl), Gyudon (Beef bowl), etc.

May 24 Sun.  10:30-16:00 (5 hours)

- Fillet a red snapper, cut for Sashimi and Sushi
- Sashimi pick (Radish, carrot, cucumber)
- Sashimi presentation
* Provided by the Japanese restaurant chef

- Chirashi sushi (Scattered sushi)
- Saba miso nikomi (Miso-simmered mackerel)

Lesson guide

- Lesson language: English (If the instructor speaks Japanese, the interpreter will replace it with English)
- An apron and a printed recipe are prepared.


8 people / each day
* If there are less than 4 participants on April 18, the event will be canceled.

Price (Tax included)

In this page, book 3 days (discount price)
¥120,000 / person / 3 days

If you want to book by choosing a date, please follow the link below.
¥45,000 / person / 1 day

Cancellation Policy

100% refund until April 18, 80% refund until May 7,

  50% refund until May 18, no refund after May 19



ZEPHYROS Minami-horie 304, 1-16-16 Minami-Horie Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0015

TEL  +81-(0)6-6626-9088

Sakura cook is a support member of the OSAKA

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