Osaka Sakura cook Japanese Sweets Making

Osaka Sakura cook Japanese Sweets Making

This activity will be scheduled upon your request.
You will receive the confirmation of your booking availability within 24 hours. We will full refund if we cannot accept your reservation.


Discover the world of traditional Japanese sweets and Matcha

You can touch traditional Japanese culture through this class. Let's challenge making beautiful Japanese sweets. Also make Macha (green tea) by yourself.


Japanese sweets making

Japanese sweets are well known for their variety and artistic beauty.
ー Making Nerikiri (made from sweetened white bean paste and glutinous rice)
- Adding various colours to Nerikiri
- Making two different shape

Matcha experience

- Matcha making
    *It is a simple experience, not a tea ceremony.

Enjoy Matcha with sweets you made


9:00~11:00   14:30-16:30 (2 hours)

*Reservation must be made by 5pm of the previous day.


The capacity is up to 8 people.

Price (Tax included)


Sakura cook OSAKA STUDIO


ZEPHYROS Minami-horie 304, 1-16-16 Minami-Horie Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0015

TEL  +81-(0)6-6626-9088

Sakura cook is a support member of the OSAKA

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