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The Japanese tea ceremony experience at the table.

During this lesson, you’ll travel through the world of tastes and learn the rich history of matcha, Japanese green tea! The host has been serving as an artisan of Sado (the traditional tea ceremony) for approximately thirty years, and enjoys exploring how to share this art with people around the world by giving it a new age flair. Using a new practice called “table sado”, we’ll explore how Japanese tea ceremony has adapted over the years to become easier to learn and perform; maintaining traditions but in a more enjoyable, modern context.


The highlights of this lesson

Through the kind of tea ceremony practiced by your host, you’ll get to taste the different kinds of matcha, which will certainly be a little different than what you’ve tried before! Finally, you’ll have a chance to mimic what you observed and try your hands at making matcha. With a blend of different tastes, and a host to guide you through your own handmade matcha experience, this lesson will give you an insider’s perspective on an important piece of Japanese history and culture.


(1) Introduction
Learn about the traditions of tea ceremony

(2) The tea ceremony
Each of the movements have a significant meaning. Enjoy a relaxed time!

(3) Making powdered green tea

*You can take home “matcha” and “chasen” (tea whisk) as souvenirs.


Every Tuesday at 11am and 2pm (2 hours)

*Reservation must be made by 5pm of two days in advance.


The capacity is up to 8 people.

Price (Tax included)


AYU Japantablesado

OO Build. 4F, 18 Kandamatsunaga-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
Japan, 101-0023

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